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Most Common Tiny Black Bugs to Appear on Plants

Tiny Black Bugs

Controlling pests is part and parcel of gardening. This applies to both indoor and outdoor gardening. Pests can appear in all shapes and sizes but the most common types you may come across are tiny black bugs. We take a look at the most common species of tiny black bugs you may notice on household plants.

Fungus Gnats

These tiny black flies can appear from a variety of household plants. They normally appear from infested or poor-quality soil. You are also likely to see them appear if the soil is too damp. Fungus gnats don’t really harm the plants. They are mostly a nuisance for people like us. To control tiny black bugs like fungus gnats, it’s important to prevent over-watering and to also make sure you only use soil from high-quality suppliers. To eliminate existing fungus gnats, we suggest placing a few yellow sticky traps in the vicinity of the affected plant.


Another common type of tiny bugs to appear on plants are scales. These pests appear in a variety of colors with the most common being black, white, and brown. Unlike fungus gnats, these insects prefer warm, dry environments. They generally target the undersides of the leaves. The most common types of scales are the armored scales, the soft scales, and the mealybugs. It’s important to control scale infestations as soon as possible. They can lead to conditions like yellow, wilted leaves if they are left untouched.


These tiny black pests damage plants by sucking the sap, which plays an important role in transporting water and nutrients. Aphid infestations can lead to stunted plant growth if they aren’t dealt with quickly. The best way to control tiny bugs like aphids is by gently soaking the plant in a bucket of water. If the plant is too big then you could spray the undersides of the leaves with a garden hose.