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How to Save Damaged Snake Plant Leaves

Snake Plant

Snakes plant are best-known for their beautiful blade-shaped leaves so it can be quite concerning if they get damaged. Here are some suggestions on caring for snake plants with damaged leaves.

Snake Plant Leave with Brown or Yellow Tips

If the snake plant leaves are damaged and are starting to go through a discoloration process then this typically indicates as problem with the plant’s growing environment. In this kind of scenario, cutting off the damaged leave won’t really save the rest of the snake plant. The leaves may have gotten damaged due to a number of events, including over-watering and nutritional imbalance in the soil. Correct what’s causing the issue and give it a few weeks for the plant to recover.

Snake Plants Moved to New Environment

Yes, snake plants can also become stressed when they are suddenly moved to a new environment and that may explain why some of the leaves are damaged. If you have bought the snake plant just recently then we suggest to give the plant some time to recover and stabilize its roots. You want to avoid anything drastic that may cause even more harm to the snake plant and its damaged leaves.

Doing some Trimming for Aesthetic Reasons

If it’s only small parts of the snake plant leaves that are damaged then it should be okay to do a bit of trimming. For aesthetic reasons, you could trim off the brown tips of a damaged snake plant leaves and it shouldn’t affect the plant. Remember, snake plants are known for being notoriously difficult to kill. That’s why they are also a popular choice for gardening beginners.