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Why Plumeria Leaves Curl and Turn Yellow and Brown

Are some of the leaves on your plumeria plant starting to curl and turn yellow or brown in color? This is definitely a sign that something is wrong with your household plant and it may be necessary to take action as soon as possible to help the plant recover. Here are the most common reasons for plumeria leaves that turn yellow or brown in color.

Check Your Plant Watering Habits

The first thing to always check when you start to see wilting, yellow leaves is the watering. Plants like plumerias are quite sensitive to the amount of water given to them. Usually, it’s a case of overwatering that causes plumeria leaves to turn yellow. When the soil gets too damp and saturated, it makes it very difficult for the plant roots to absorb the necessary nutrients and oxygen. The blockage in nutrients will eventually cause the leaves to wilt and curl up.

You will know if you gave your plumeria plant too much water if the soil feels extremely damp and filled with moisture. Ideally, you should only be watering the soil when the top layer starts to feel dry (unless you live in a very dry area where a high watering frequency would be needed).

Not Enough Nutrients

It’s also a good time to check the nutrient balance in the soil. The plumeria leaves can start to turn yellow or brown if there is a lack of nutrients like nitrogen and magnesium. Plumerias benefit from consistent fertilizing (especially if you want blossoming flowers at the end of the season). We suggest adding soil fertilizer about once a week and make sure you control the watering as you don’t want the water to wash away the important nutrients.

Damage from Insects

Yellow plumeria leaves may also be the result of tiny insects (some of which are observable with the naked eye). Common plumeria pests include spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, scale, mealybugs, and snails. Some of these pests will feed off the plant’s sap, which is necessary for nutrients and water to get transported along the plant.


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