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Peace Lilies – Do They Really Require Misting?

As plants that are actually native to tropical environments, one condition for peace lilies to thrive is to have them grown in an environment that’s relatively humid. The ideal humidity level for peace lilies is above 60% so those who live in a state like Arizona or Nevada may struggle to match this due to relative humidity being quite low in those areas. This leads to the question: do peace lilies actually benefit from being misted if you live in a low humidity area?

After doing some research, there seems to be more myth than reality when it comes misting houseplants like peace lily. While the positive effects of misting are real, how long the misting effect is a different matter. There was research done on this a while back and statistics suggest that the effects of spraying houseplants with water only lasts for about five minutes. Ultimately, this won’t do much good if you are only misting the peace lily leaves once a day.

Growing Peace Lilies in Low Humidity Rooms

What should you do if misting is ineffective at raising the surrounding humidity of your peace lily plant? Fortunately, peace lilies have decent tolerance levels so it will take more than low humidity to kill off the plant. That said, there are still a couple of steps you can take to reduce the environmental stress that the low humidity could have on the plant.

You could, for example, relocate the plant to a place in the house where there tends to be a bit more humidity, such as the bathroom. It will also help to not place the peace lily in a room that has a lot of hot spots or draught. This may include radiators and other heating sources.

Some people like to also grow their peace lilies in closed terrariums. One benefit of closed terrariums is being able to offer exceptionally high humidity levels for the houseplants grown inside the glass container.

In low-humidity environments, watering peace lilies at a higher frequency might be crucial as the force of plant transpiration will increase with less moisture in the air.


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