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Where to Place Peace Lilies in the House (Best Spots)

Picking a spot for your houseplants is an art of its own. A favorable spot in the house will allow a peace lily to thrive with minimal care. Here are the factors to consider when picking a place in the house to grow peace lily plants.

Amount of Sunlight

The most important factor to consider is the amount of sunlight. Peace lilies thrive when they get at least six to eight hours of indirect sunlight per day. An ideal placement for a peace lily might be next to an east-facing window when they will get plenty of warmth and brightness in the morning but can also avoid some of the harsh, direct sunlight in the afternoon.

A spot next to a south or west-facing window would work as well. Just make sure you aren’t placing the peace lily right on the windowsill as the plant may then get too much exposure to direct sunlight. This may lead to problems like the development of yellow peace lily leaves or the drooping of leaves. Instead of the windowsill, place the peace lilies in the vicinity of the window (a few feet away).

If you live in a house or flat that only has north-facing windows then it will be a bit more challenging to find a spot that gets enough indirect sunlight. While peace lilies are tolerant of low-light conditions, it might be necessary to get a grow lamp in order for the plant to be healthy and strong.

Temperature and Humidity

In addition to sunlight, it’s important to find a place in the house where the temperature and humidity is well-maintained. This means you should avoid placing the peace lily next to drafty windows and doors or next to a central heating vent. Plants can feel stress if the temperature or humidity fluctuates too often.

As plants that are native to tropical environments, peace lilies prefer daytime temperatures between 68 and 85 °F and humidity levels above 60%. If you live in a very dry place then the occasional misting may help maintain a favorable environment for the peace lily plant.

Feng Shui Considerations

With more people working from home as a result of the pandemic, you might find that the home office or bedroom is a suitable place to grow your peace lily plant. Some experts say that peace lily plants can convert negative energies to positive ones so it wouldn’t hurt to have them grown in a room where you may spend a lot of time working!


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