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Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas for Beginners

Vegetable Gardening Ideas

The beauty of indoor gardening is that it’s pretty much accessible to everybody. Here are some ideas to kickstart your indoor gardening journey if you want to start growing your own edibles at home.

Growing Green Onions

It doesn’t get any simpler than the green onions (or scallions as some people will call them). There are two ways you can grow green onions indoors. The first and much simpler option is to cut off the bulb of a matured green onion (you buy from the market) and place it in a bowl of water. The second option is to start off from scratch by germinating the green onion seeds. If you are new to indoor gardening then this is a highly recommended idea for you.

Growing Garlic Indoors

Another easy but super-rewarding idea is to grow garlic indoors. Garlic is one of the most versatile vegetables in cooking so that should give you even more reasons to try growing them inside. If you’d like, you can also grow garlic for the aesthetics. Green shoots will appear from cloves that are well-watered and given plenty of sunlight.

Grow Your Own Ripe Tomatoes

Those who feel more adventurous may like the idea of growing their own tomatoes indoors. With tomatoes, there are so many varieties that range in size and shape. Those who live in smaller homes could grow the dwarf varieties like Tom Thumbs and Tiny Tims.

Grow Sweet Potatoes Indoors

This is another excellent vegetable gardening idea for beginners. You can grab some sweet potatoes from the market and place a single sweet potato in a mason jar filled with water. You may want to plug some tooth picks into the sweet potato for support. After a few days, there should be small shoots starting to appear from the sweet potato. It’s a space-saving vegetable gardening idea. Just place the jar next to a windowsill and you are set.