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Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) – Care & Growing Guide

Also known as the Devil’s Ivy, pothos are low-maintenance houseplants that are best-known for their trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves. They get their name because they are impossible to kill. If you had struggles with growing houseplants in the past then you may want to consider the pothos due to their high tolerance levels.

Their name may also refer to their poisonous properties (when ingested). People who have curious young children or pets at home may want to stay away from these houseplants. Despite these concerns, pothos are popular choices of houseplants around the world. They saw a big jump in online search interest in 2020 when the effects of the pandemic started to kick in.

Caring for Pothos

Here are some simple care tips to keep your pothos plant in healthy condition.

Pothos Problems

Here are the most common problems that people have when growing pothos at home.

Fungus Gnats on Pothos Plants

The appearance of gnat infestations on pothos plants is usually a sign of watering issues.

Yellow leaf development on pothos

Here are the steps to save your pothos plant (devil’s ivy) if it starts to develop yellow leaves. Those who have yellow leaf issues with marble queen pothos can also follow the same guidance.

Reviving a Dying Pothos

Find out the most common causes of a dying Pothos and ways to revive them before it’s too late.