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Monstera – Care & Growing Guide

Monstera plants have grown in popularity the past few years as not many indoor houseplants can match the beauty of the monstera’s lush green leaves. These plants are native to Central America and certain species within the Monstera genus are best-known for the natural holes in the leaves.

In the US, popularity in growing monstera plants increased significantly as people started to seek new indoor hobbies like gardening as the effects of the pandemic kicked in. In May 2020, online search interest grew by 270% YoY! It shouldn’t be a surprise to see many of these monstera plants being grow in states like California and Texas.

Caring for Monsteras

Here are some tips to keep the monstera plant in great shape.

Monstera Problems

Here are the most common issues that people have when growing monsteras at home.

Gnats on Monstera Plant

Learn how to deal with the tiny black flies that hover around the monstera plant.

Yellow Leaves on Monstera Plant

Here are some tips on handling monstera plants that develop yellow leaves. The same tips applies to other varieties including the monkey mask plant and Adanson’s monstera.

Reviving a Dying Monstera

Find out the most common causes of a dying Monstera and ways to revive them before it’s too late.