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Must-Know Tips for Growing Tomato Plants Indoors

Tomato Plant

Imagine being able to grow and eat your very own tomatoes at home. People who are new to gardening have a perception that tomatoes will only grow outdoors but that isn’t the case. You can easily grow ripe, fresh tomatoes indoors under the right care and condition. Here are some tips that may help for people who want to start growing indoor tomatoes.

Pick the Right Tomato Variety

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes. There are certain varieties of tomatoes that are better-suited for indoor conditions than others. We suggest looking at varieties like the Red Robin, Tiny Tim, Toy Boy, and Florida petite. One piece of knowledge that’s important to have is the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. Determinate tomatoes usually grow to a fixed size once they mature and they will only fruit once. Indeterminate tomatoes, on the other hand, are vining plants so they keep extending in length throughout the growing season. They will also continue to fruit until certain conditions (e.g. frost) prevents them from doing so.

Start the Process Correctly

The first step to growing tomatoes indoors is to germinate the seeds. To initiate this process, we recommend planting the tomato seeds in a tray filled with starting mix. The tomato germination tray should be placed somewhere warm (between 75 to 80 Fahrenheits), and it’s important to keep the seeds moist throughout the process. We suggest watering them each day. It should take anywhere between five to ten days for the tomato seeds to germinate.

Ideal Pot Size for Tomato Plants

Since you are growing the tomato plants indoors, it’s important to pick a container that’s appropriately-sized. This will vary slightly depending on the variety of tomato plant you intend to grow. As a general recommendation, we suggest going with a container that’s about 18 inches in diameter for the determinate varieties and 24 inches in diameter the indeterminate varieties. There should also be plenty of depth for the root system to establish itself.

Getting Enough Sunlight

In addition to receiving plenty of warmth, it’s also important for the indoor tomato plants to receive enough sunlight in order to fruit. At minimum, the tomato plants should be getting six to eight hours of sunlight so you may need to do some examination around the house to find a good spot for the tomato plants. If there’s no suitable spot at home then you will need to invest in an indoor grow light setup.