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Growing Indoor Spinach in Containers for Beginners

Grow Spinach Indoors

Spinach, a vegetable with an impressive nutrient profile, is a great thing to grow indoors. Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that contains a variety of important nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin K1, and iron. It’s absolutely possible to grow these vegetables indoors under the right condition and care. Here are some important tips to know about when growing spinach in containers.

Spacing is Important

You need to pick the right kind of planting container in order for the spinach plants to thrive. Spacing is more important than depth as spinach isn’t known for being deep-rooting. We suggest picking a container that’s about six to eight inches deep. As for spacing, each spinach plant should be given about 3 inches of space. You can either grow each individual spinach plant in its owner small container, or get a planter box that’s wide enough to support multiple plants.

Be Careful with the Watering

It’s always better to under-water the plant than to over-water it. Overwatering can cause a number of problems with spinach plants. Water stagnation, for example, can lead to the development of fungal and root diseases, which can cause permanent damage for indoor spinach. You can check every day but make sure to only water the container when the topsoil starts to feel dry. Make sure you also use a container that offers proper drainage.

Make Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nitrogen is an important nutrient that accelerates the growth of spinach plants. In an outdoor setting, the spinach plants will get nitrogen from the atmosphere, or from the soil when it rains. In an indoor setting, you will need to make sure that the spinach gets enough nitrogen by making use of fertilizer.

Using an Indoor Grow Light

Spinach plants require plenty of sunlight, which can be a condition that’s quite difficult to achieve for some people to provide in their homes. One way to get around this is by setting up indoor grow lights. These indoor setups mimic the light conditions provided by natural sunlight. You should try to provide the spinach plants at least eight to ten hours of sunlight per day in order for them to grow and mature.