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Fool-Proof Way of Getting Rid of Gnats on Houseplants

Fungus Gnats

Gnats don’t do much harm from a health perspective but they sure can be annoying with their constant buzzing. If you are dealing with a swarm of gnats that don’t seem to ever disappear from the houseplants then read on.

First off, it’s important to understand what you are dealing with. There are a variety of gnat species but if the ones you are dealing with seem to be coming from the houseplants then it is with almost high certainty that you are dealing with fungus gnats. These tiny, short-lived pests are generally seen from indoor houseplants and they tend to appear when there is a lot of moisture in the potting soil. We already gave you the first tip for getting rid of houseplant gnats.

Stop Over-watering the Plants
Over-watering is a very common reason for the appearance of fungus gnats. It’s not just the presence of these pests that is problematic. The over-watering also does your plant no favor. Soon enough, you will start to the leaves of your houseplant wilt and turn a depressing yellow if the soil is over-saturated.

In certain scenarios, it may be necessary to switch the potting soil, especially if it’s going to take forever for the soil to dry out. You may need to gently pull out the houseplant (without damaging the root system) and transplant it to a new container filled with high-quality soil mix. For most houseplants, you should only be watering the soil when the top layer starts to feel dry. This can be easily done with the finger trick. Just plug your finger in a few inches into the soil. If it feels dry then start watering.

Use Yellow Sticky Traps
To eliminate existing gnats, we strongly recommend getting a pack of yellow sticky traps. You can either plug the yellow sticky traps into the soil or hang them nearby. Most of these sticky traps are made of non-toxic materials and will help trap many gnats overnight. It also helps that they are quite affordable.

Prune and Care for the Plants
You can also reduce the likelihood of fungus gnats appearing from your houseplant if you prune the foliage on a regular basis. You basically want less decaying matter (aka the dead leaves) to accumulate on the soil surface. The less decaying organic material and dampness, the less gnats there will be coming from your houseplants.