Garden Fresh Salsa
Fungus Gnats

Here are the only ways to get rid of gnats from your houseplants.

Tomato Plant

Cat owners should also be careful as certain parts of tomatoes are toxic to cats.

Garden Weeds

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Here are some steps you can take when your orchid flower buds are starting to turn yellow.

Palm Tree

Here are the most common reasons for drooping cat palm leaves.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are known for their rich, green leaves so it can be quite concerning to see the leaves turn yellow. Here’s why.

Coffee Grounds

Learn how to use coffee grounds the right way in the garden.

Snake Plant

Here are some tips on putting your snake plant on the road to recovery, especially if they have damaged leaves.

Venus Flytraps

Find out if carnivorous plants like venus fly traps eat gnats.

Watering Plant

You are about to go for a long vacation but worried about the health of the plants at home. How long can these plants go for without water?

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Are there red spots forming on your fiddle leaf fig trees? Find out why and how you can make the red spots go away.